Support Services
Serving our Patients and Their Families

Care Coordination

At Edgewood Surgical Hospital, we understand that hospitalization, illness or injury is a stressful experience. A clinical social worker is available to help patients and their families deal with the broad range of psychosocial issues and stresses related to coping with illness and maintaining health.

Who We Are
Social workers address the challenges families face, increase accessibility to health care and other human services, and serve as a bridge between the hospital setting and a patient’s family life, home and community. They are guided by core professional values promoting self-determination, dignity, respect for the beliefs and practices of different cultures, and advocating for social justice in the form of patient rights and access to resources.


Physical Therapy

These departments provide active consultation services for inpatient and outpatient surgical patients.


Lab Services

Blood is drawn by our clinical team. The nurses place the majority of peripheral IVs and call anesthesia services if necessary.


Dining Service

While Staying at the Hospital

A registered dietitian is available to discuss patients’ dietary needs, evaluate and monitor nutritional status, and help them deal with side effects of treatment. If you have any special dietary needs or requirements, please notify either the Admissions office staff or your physician.


Other Services

Other available services include notary public. If you are in need of any of this service, please contact 724.646.0400